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I want to learn Persian , anyone can give me some advise ? I haven't learnt it before .

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: English
Category: Language


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    Well, since Farsi has its own alphabet, it depends on what you want to learn from Farsi, do you want to be able to write and read in Farsi? then ofc, you will have to learn the Alphabet, I recommend taking it slowly. Take on letter at a time,
    Start with a and b.. But some people like to write in the english letters, if you are one of those, then you can ignore what I said about the alphabet, and start on the normal greeting phrases, the tense etc. My mother and Father are Iranian, but Im born in sweden, so I had to take extra courses provided by school ofc, to learn the alphabet, and tbh.. If you really want to learn it, then this will be easy for you.
    I should also mention that the persian language has some similarities to the french language, you will notice that later on :)

    Good luck!!

    you can find ,
    Persian(Farsi) Courses :-
    Persian(Farsi) partners :-
    Persian(Farsi) teachers :-

    you can start by learning alphabets of persian and some greetings and easy words.

    hi ,
    the best way is practicing . u should think in persian for example when u re in kitchen and see
    the spoon say to yourself how can i say it in Persian and also try to get a English Persian
    dictionary for looking up the words .
    My mother tounge is Persian so i will help u . Persian is the sweetest language to speak :)

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