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What's the difference between "beli" and "membeli"??

I understand "beli" means "to buy", but how about "mem+beli"?
I saw lots of cases where the prefix "mem" is put before verbs or nouns.
Could you explain that with some examples in plain bahasa melayu?
Thanks in advance.

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    yeahh..u r rite
    the difference :

    'beli' = to buy
    'membeli' = is buying

    'mem' is used to show that u r doing something
    - kata akar (root word) kepada membeli
    - It could be a noun as well
    - Barang-barng itu dibeli semalam
    - Beli satu percuma satu

    - kata laku/perbuatan (action) yang mana "beli"(kata akar) digabungkan dengan imbuhan "mem"(augmentation) = membeli
    - And it could be a verb as well.
    e.g Kakak saya telah membeli sebuah komputer.

    I hope this will help you out :)


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