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Can anybody speak Ilonggo?

It is--according to my Filipino friend--a dialect of Tagalog. I was wondering if Ilonggo and Tagalog were mutually intelligible (are close enough to be understood by each other)
My friend can also speak Tagalog, so I'd like to learn that if it's more popular anyway, but I thought it'd be cute to learn his language Ilonggo too :)

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    i can speak and understand few words in ilonggo.
    but i can speak ilocano.


    never heard of it :P

    sounds like a useful language :P


    Actually...Ilonggo's has two dialect:

    the "Caray-a or Karay-a" the one speaks by the Ilonggo's who lived in Ilo-ilo (a place in Visayas region) and some part in Cotabato.

    The other one is the most common and used one which is "Hiligaynon" sometimes pronounced as "I-ligaynon" (silent H).

    And I can speak this one...but if you like to learn Caray-a instead, I can still teach you 'cause I have a friend who can speak Caray-a fluently...

    Hope I've answered your question right...:D

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