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Can you help me take a Spanish name?

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oh,my english name is bowie.Is a Spanish name too?my spanish teacher call me bowie.

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    If you want to find the spanish version of your name, I´d try to find out about the origin of your name. Find a similar meaning in Spanish, and there you have it.

    My Norwegian name is "Steinar", which basically means "rock". "Petros" is Greek for rock, and is the origin of the English "Peter". Hence, my English name is "Peter". (Italian "Pietro", Spanish "Pedro" etc.)

    According to, Bowie is a pet form of Beau, Bonita, Bernard and Bea. Don´t know if this is accurate. Try google...
    hummmm.... well, i dont know what name you would like... "Boeyhsu" is not similar to any Spanish name... So i just can think about suggest to you some spanish names that i like; for example: Elías, Héctor, Óscar, Daniel, Diego, Adrián, Alex, Oriol, Javier...

    I also especially like the Basque names like: Aitor, Asier, Denis, Mikel, Unax

    you can find ur spanish name,
    You look like a Javier to me.


    If you like... It´s an idea¡

    You look like a Marcelo to me.


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