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About "aku cinta pada mu"

As far as I know, the verb "cinta" doesn't take any preposition like "saya cinta awak", but what happend to this sentence "aku cinta pada mu"??
I know both sentences are quite correct, and "pada(the short form of kepada)" is definitely a prepositon.
Sometimes takes a preposition or sometimes not??

Could anybody please explain what's going on..:)
Thanks in advance.

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    Anyway the correct sentence is "aku cinta kepadamu"...
    but normally people will use "aku cinta padamu" to make it shorter (but if you really concern about the "tatabahasa" then this sentence is incorrect)

    Kepada is actually is a "kata sendi" in Bahasa Melayu which is you will use it for a person or nouns only.
    -Surat it ditujukan kepada kekasihnya yang tercinta
    ~Emak memberi seutas rantai kepada kakak.

    but for "Pada" it will be used with the nouns to show the location/place and time.
    -Keretapi itu akan bertolak pada jam/pukul 2.00 petang (time)
    -Tali itu diikatkan pada tiang bendera (location/place)

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