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"This is lame."--What does it mean?


I just encountered a couple of examples using this phrase.

"I know this is lame but how do I show my girlfriend that I love her?"
"Somebody took my chocolate in the fridge. This is lame. "

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    You're referring to a slang. You can't really find the definition in a traditional dictionary, so ignore that guy in your comments.

    Here are a few definitions:
    # Slang . out of touch with modern fads or trends; unsophisticated.
    # (slang) unconvincing or unbelievable
    # (slang) failing to be cool, funny, interesting or relevant

    I think the expression "This is lame" is often used to express discontent. (i.e. your 2nd sentence)

    In your first example it meant something like "not cool" (see 3rd definition)

    Here are the websites where I took the definitions from:

    lame = silly = ridiculous

    difficult to believe.

    "This is lame." = this is pathetic

    The easiest way I can explain it is "lame" is the opposite of awesome. It's lacking good or impressive qualities.

    the word 'lame', as an informal slang (in your sentences) would refer
    to 'uncool' or 'unpleasant' or 'unpreferable'
    example: "what a lame idea"
    this sentence derives a broader meaning from the formal 'lame' - which implies 'a disability' or 'an impairment'

    as a formal noun, the word 'lame' may mean 'disabled' or 'disadvantaged'
    example: "the man with the broken leg is a lame"
    the same formal meaning also works as an adjective: "the man with the broken leg is lame"

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