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Should I continue my schooling here or t?

I'm in college now, taking up BS Pharmacy in one of the top universities in the Philippines. The thing is, my father permitted me to go to Japan and continue my studies there. But I'll be going back to high school...and the only school I can go to is an international school (very expensive..>.<) Should I stay here and finish my course?? or should i go to jp right away (and only God knows what my future would be like)..?

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    In my opinion I think it may be a good idea to continue your studies in the Philippines. Studying abroad is a big step and Japan is very expensive.
    good universities are in japan but the problem is expensive but the facilities are better

    1. You finish school earlier. (no need to return to high school)
    2. You finish school easier. (less expense, no hassle with language)

    It's up to you, but the reasons are all laid out flat. It's a landslide. You could take to Japan later. Learn the language while you have the time here(in PH). You've got some of that blood in you, so maybe you could learn it eventually(Japanese). =P

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