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Qu'est-ce que les utilisations de "vas-y?" What are the uses of "vas-y?"

Is it like "let's go?" Can you give any examples? Answering in English or French is fine. Thank you!!!

Les examples et un definition, s'il vous plait? Les réponses en anglais ou francais sont OK.

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    'vas-y' is *not* 'let's go'.
    'va' is the 2nd person imperative form of the verb 'aller'. In english it's like 'go!'. but in French no one says just 'va', to say 'go!' we say 'vas-y'.
    for example:
    - je veux aller en Australie. (I want to go to Australia)
    -vas-y! (go!)
    well, that example was kind of weird but you get the idea.
    "Let's go" is "allons-y"...when saying "vas-y" you're just telling someone to do something, the speaker is not included in that action. "Let's go play" is "allons jouer", "go play" = "va jouer".

    "vas-y" can also be used colloquially to encourage someone to do something. (I guess that's what Marie Hélène and Loic were refering to.)
    e.g.: -tu crois que je devrais lui demander de sortir avec moi? (do you think I should ask her out?)
    -mais oui, vas-y! / allez! (= yeah, do it! / go for it!)
    I hope that made sense.

    "pas de quoi" is the shortened form of "il n'y a pas de quoi", which is similar to "de rien" (you're welcome) can use it when you do someone a favor and they thank you, well instead of saying "de rien" you can also say "il n'y pas de quoi" (literally: there's no reason [for thanking me])...but "de rien" is ok too.
    e.g.: - merci d'avoir arrosé les plantes en mon absence. (thanks for watering the plants when I was away)
    - de rien / il n'y a pas de quoi. (you're welcome)

    Well, when I first started learning French I read that “On y va!” meant “Let’s go (there)!” and that “Vas-y!” was just the more familiar form.

    C'est une forme très familière que je considère un peu comme de l'argot et cela peut aussi dire "fait le" selon le contexte.



    "Vas-y" est un idiome c'est à dire une expression que l'on ne peut pas traduire mot à mot.
    Cela veut dire en effet "let's go".

    PS : Cette forme n'est pas familière et ce n'est certes pas de l'argot!!!

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