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in the sentence "คิดถึงเธอจัง" what does "จัง" mean?

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    안녕! In my opinion, I think "จัง" is more like cute expression.
    If u know " - 네요 " in korean. It's probably be the same. ^^

    However, according to the Thai dictionary, it means


    adv. (to meet) squarely,
    dead (honest, slow),
    quite, extremely (good time)***(frequently used)

    - cute จัง -

    It means "Very much".
    Hi !
    จัง means greatly; extremely; truly; fully; quite; most; very much so

    จังเลย is often heard in daily conversation in Thai.

    Hello, nice to know that there are some ppl interested in my language.
    จัง itself have no meaning. but it always works as a (Adverb), i meant to describe or emphasis or add more meaning of (adj,verb)

    for ex: what a beautiful girl=ผู้หญิงคนนี้สวยจัง. what a wonderful weather= อากาศดีจัง. สวยจัง หล่อจัง เร็วจัง สูงจัง อร่อยจัง ........
    จัง can use(replace) as จังเลย

    hope it can helps!

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