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When should I be using ดรับ?

Is it after every sentence, or just expressions such as "hello", "goodbye", "thank you", etc.? Do you have to use this when you speak to children as well? Also, if you become close enough with someone of your age is it alright to not use this anymore? What about other ages? Just trying to learn so I don't accidentally offend anyone...we don't have anything like this in English so I want to make sure I get it right. ขอบดุฌดรับ...

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    if you say ครับ all the time, it will make you look very nice. even though sometimes u don't mean to.

    anyway, usually with children u dont have to say it and also with friends.
    Just say this with people u dont know to show your being polite and especialy adults.


    ครับ is close of sentence . Make more polite.
    Men use only.

    ^ ^

    in real life we dont always add ครับ in the end of every sentence. when you become closed to your friends, no needs to say it anymore.with someone of ur age i think you dont have to say ครับ because it's a lil bit weird. but when you talk with someone who have high rank or are older than you, you'd better say ครับ with them :)

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