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Why does latin languages keeps unpronunced letters in the alphabet??!!!

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there are some unpronounced letters in Latin languages Like H in Spanish and Italian
why they were kept in the alphabet ...and there are letters which pronounces the same like V & B in Spanish....why do we need both of them if we pronounce them the same??!!1

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    not in all cases,for example in the letter ch the h got use
    choza,chorro for example

    well.. as in most of languages we use "spelling"... a word could sound strange without an H.. there is also a reason why B and V... as in english 4 example... say,, Bird no vird... and the sounds are differents is just that some of the spanish speakers dont make the difference... which is eventually wrong but understandable !!!...

    because is not the same to say "Hola" and "ola", the meaning is different. We use v because in some words is correct use v and in other in correct use B, for example if you want to say cow in spanish is correct type it like vaca and incorrect type it like baca.
    I hope helped you.

    Correction: Why do Latin languages keep unpronounced letters in the alphabet?

    Just a matter of spelling.

    Pero la letra H en Español, tiene una función muy importante como es la de acompañar a la letra C para conformar la letra CH que ya no existe como tal en el alfabeto hispano, por decisión de la Real Academia de la Lengua Española, aunque no podemos prescindir de ella (de la letra CH ) porque es la que nos da el sonido (th) de muchas palabras.
    Because the unpronounciation of H comes from Latin, your answer is in your question. Latin didn't pronounce H although they write it. B and V sound different but people don't pronounce it right.

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