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what is tsuite mean in japanese? and plz give me an example in a sentence

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    tsuku :
    to adjoin, to be attached, to adhere
    to arrive at, to reach
    to breathe, to disgorge, to tell (lies)
    to catch fire, electricity comes on
    to thrust, to strike, to attack, to poke
    to possess, to haunt, to attach to
    to settle in (place), to take (seat, position)

    I'm confused now, either about or arive, mabye both.

    Several meanings.. For example,
    (1) "arrived and..." Paris ni tsuite heya wo sagasu (I have arrived at Paris, and now looking for a room),
    (2) "create a rice cake and..." Mochi wo tsuite taberu (I created a rice cake and ate it)
    (3) "land on one's hand and..." Te wo tsuite ayamaru (I apologized by landing on my hands (what we call dogeza... lol))
    I think you will be able to obtain more specific answer if you clarify the situation you are considering.

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