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Present Indefinite Tense = I walk. === में चलता हूँ. (Main chalta hoon.)

Present Continuous Tense = I am walking. === मैं चल रहा हूँ. (Main chal raha hoon.)

Present Perfect Tense = have walked. == मैं चल रहा था. (Main chal raha tha.)

Present Perfect Continuous Tense == I have been walking.= मैं चलता रहा हूँ.
(Main chalta raha hoon.)
Past Tense
Past Indefinite Tense == I walked. === मैं चलता था.(Main chalta tha )

Past Continuous Tense = I was walking. = मैं चल रहा था.
Main chal raha tha

Past Perfect Tense == I had walked. == मैं चला था.
Main chala tha

Past Perfect Continous Tense == I had been walking. == मैं चलता रहा था.
Main chalta raha tha.
Future Tense
Future Indefinite Tense == I shall walk.== मैं चलूंगा.
Main chalunga.

Future Continuous Tense.== I shall be walking.== मैं चलता रहूंगा.
Main chalta rahunga .
Future Perfect Tense== I shall have walked.== मैं चला रहूंगा.
Main chal rahunga.

Future Perfect Continuous Tense == I shall have been walking.== मैं चलाता रहा हूगां.
Main chalata raha hoga.

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    why ur going to india?
    ur hindi is in great progress :)

    tense to theek hai lekin ye sawal kya hai,

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