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What is the difference between berkawin and kawin??

I have been learning Bahasa Melayu over the Internet, and the website which I'm referring to says the both sentences below are the same.

1) Dia kata dia akan berkawin bulan hadapan.(more formal???)
2) Dia kata dia akan kawin bulan depan.

How do Malaysian feel about two sentences??
The prefix "ber" is always bugging me....
Could anybody make it clear for me?
Thanks in advance.:)

Additional Details:

I forgot "h" :) berkawin--berkahwin, kawin->kahwin

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    You can use (2) for normal conversation. When talked about proper and grammatical correct usage, then of course , (1) do sounds better.

    actually its not a big malaysia,you can say both.berkahwin mean you will get married...but people now like to save their "energy" and say they just say kahwin.both same meaning.ex:

    1)saya akan berkahwin minggu depan.
    2)saya akan kahwin minggu depan.
    both same meaning.

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