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ئۇ، بۇ، شۇ ،ماۋۇ


Can anyone give me examples of how to use "u, bu, xu, and mavu" correctly? I don't know when to use which one.

"u, bu, xu, mavu" kandak ishletidu? Men chushenmeymen.

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oh ya also "avu"

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    "xu" is the another kinds of "u", also means "that", but it is widely than "u"~~it could indicates sth/sb/sometime/somewhere.

    E.g, xu kitap~~that book. (object)
    xu kixi~~that man. (person )
    xu yili~~ that year (or) xu yili de~~ at that year. (time)
    xu xeher~~ that city ( or) xu xeher de~~ at that city. (place)

    " u " means "that" , indicates something/somebody which is far from speaker. eg, u bir alma~~that is an apple.
    ' bu ' means " this " , indicate something/somebody which is far from, bu bir alma.~~this is an apple

    "mavu" is a pronoun, mostly means "it" or "this", indicates an object or person which is close to speaker.
    E.g, when u introduce someone in picture to others you might say
    mavu Yalqun~~ it is Yalqun .
    mavu men ~~ it's me
    mavu Ayim~~ it is Ayim.

    "avu" (it/that)is same meaning with "mavu" , but it is usually used to describe an object or person which is far from speaker.

    E.g, mavu Yalqun, avu Ayim, men Elham, ~~ this is Yalqun, that is Ayim, I am Elham.

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