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Kumush qepez, altun qepez beriber qepez,
qepez ichre alalmas bulbul shad nepes,
qoyuweste öz erkige, qilghay u perwaz,
bulbul üchün yoq buningdin bashqiche chong hewes

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Base language: Uyghur
Category: Culture


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    it is a poem .

    means :
    It is just a cage , no matter it is made by wood or gold.
    The lark can not sang cheerfully when she is in the cage,.
    she will flying cross the sky when she was released.
    there is no any desire except it( freedom ) for the lark .

    qepez~~ cage
    hewes~~ interest, hobby, (means desire in this poem)

    I hope I've translated it correctly. if not , sorry for my poor English~~haha

    Elham is almost right about the translation, this poem refects the desire of "flying freely".
    But here "Kumush" measn "silver", while "Qumush" means "reed".
    Anyway, well done Elham, it's not an easy thing to translate poems to a different language!

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