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New Year traditions all over the world.

I'm curious to know about it. Could You tell me about Your country's NY traditions? How do Your family celebrate this event?
And what's more important for Your family, Christmas or New Year?

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    well, new year is the most important for chinese, but this "new year" is according to our traditional Chinese calendar. we call it "spring festival".

    how to celebrate it? wow, it depends, cuz u know china has a vast territory. there are many minor differences between different area, especially between north and south of China. But there's one thing is the most important forever, that is the reunion dinner, eaten on New Year's Eve, with members of the extended family gathering for the most significant meal of the year, and watch the spring festival show of China Central Television(just like BBC in the uk). Then at 12am sharp we are going to set off firecrackers (related to a myth).

    wow, i think i can write a essay about this topic, hope u won't feel im nagging. loooooool......

    my tradition is to kiss some hot girl

    Well, my family have a sort of regular way of celebrating Christmas and New Year. Christmas is usually the biggest celebration for us. On Christmas Eve we all finish work early, rush to the shops for last minute spending and then all meet at home. My daughter and her boyfriend come for dinner and then they go out with their friends. When they come home to our house, we all have a drink and watch a Christmas film on TV. Then at about 11.30pm everyone goes to bed before Father Christmas brings some gifts to our house. After my daughter has gone to bed we quietly bring her gifts downstairs and put them under the tree. Then on Christmas morning we open presents and eat dinner, then we visit family and go home to play games all evening till we are so tired. New Year is just a visit to our local pub to celebrate with local friends.

    Dumplings,Dumplings,Dumplings。^_^Dumplings R the most important in my hometown,CHINA.
    when the spring festival is coming,my mom and other family members would make enough Dumplings ,for that we can eat in the first day the second and third.because we only play or chat in these three days and only eat Dumplings breakfast and dinner...

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