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[just for fun] why do you like to learn foreign languages ??

for me, learn foreign languages can make me happy..because, i can have many friends ^^ and i'd love to know cultures of other country..^.^

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    it gives me pleasure while learning a foreign language and as well as it's culture.I really enjoy the making progressing.

    simple just to communicate with others specially those who speak in english.


    At first, it's the curiosity about the language itself. I mean, didn't you ever think how mysterious a language is?
    And later, it's the culture and people that keep me being passionate in further learning.
    Isn't it magical when you can understand people who speak a completely different language from yours? =)

    Be forced by schools.
    No English sccores means being outside of good secodary schools, to say nothing of going to Universities.

    However, finally I find school is right more or less some years later.

    maybe just want to commucate with other people, also want to travel other other countries!!

    To talk with foreigner

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