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If I want to learn Japanese, where should I began?

I really want to learn but i have no clue where to began. Should I learn how to read and write first? If you have any advice, please let me know! Thank you!

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    Is it possible for you to take any classes? I just finished Japanese 101 at my university, and the way we started learning was by listening so our sensei, and having things written in romanji (using the alphabet) as well as practicing how to write in hiragana. I think japanese would be really hard to teach yourself, so at least taking a 101 class will really help. If you want to try on your on, I suggest learning how to write hiragana first, because that will help you read it.

    oh also, here are some videos that one of the japanese teachers at my university made in the 90's.

    I hope you have windows media, if you do, copy and paste these links and past them into the address bar, they will open with windows media. the videos I think will help you a little bit. I can't find the first video, sorry, but I will look, and if I find it I will send.




    There are many materials on the net, and lots of books in stores. Try to gather good learning materials. A good introductory book (or Ebook) would usually have a method to learning the basics of the language. That's where you start. Try looking for a good website or something; just use Google.

    Reading, writing, speaking practice, and Kanji IMO are the main concerns with this language. We should learn them all simultaneously, little by little.

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