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I was reading somewhere gabi-gabi means every night. Araw-araw means everyday. Can you say umaga-umaga (every morning?) and hapon-hapon (every afternoon?) Does this work for almost everything i.e. tao tao for every person, oras oras for every time, etc? If not how would you say every_____ such as every person/ everybody, everything, everything, etc. Salamat.

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    "umaga-umaga" isn't used. you can say "kada umaga" or "tuwing umaga" to mean "every morning"
    "hapon hapon" is used seldomly to say "every afternoon" you can use instead "kada hapon" or "tuwing hapon"
    "tao tao" doesnt mean "every person" and isnt actualy used.
    "oras oras" is used to mean "every hour",
    "minu minuto" means "every minute"

    well, I can't say there is a definitive rule on these "salitang inuulit" (repeated words)
    there are other repeated words which are used in other contexts aside from "every... "

    you cannot use Umaga-umaga in every morning it should be "tuwing Umaga" and for the afternoon "tuwing hapon"

    every person=bawat Tao
    every body=lahat kayo
    everything =lahat ng bagay


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