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Yet several times I went into the same problem why in Polish I couldn't say for How is it going Jak Ci chodzi?

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    "How's it going?" is a so called idiom.
    You won't get the right meaning if you just treat each word of this expression literally - and you surely can't "put" such expressions from one language to another 'cause they're not the same.
    Idioms are fixed expressions which in different languages have their own specific meanings and forms.
    You have to learn those expressions and their meanings in order to understand the message right. (Try to think about it like something analogous with proverbs).

    And so:
    English speakers ask you "How's it going?"
    It's similiar to French - "Ca va?" ("va" from "aller" which means "to go")

    but Polish speakers use a slightly different expression: Jak leci? or Jak Ci leci? -> instead of "chodzi" we use "leci" [chodzić - to go, lecieć - to fly]
    If you'd like to translate it LITERALLY from Polish to English it would be something like: "How's it flying?" :)
    But, of course, we don't ask about airplanes of wings but "how are you feeling, how are you doing, what's the news?".
    You just have to memorize it. :)

    Because it isn't correctly, it better to say Jak się masz? Jak leci? It's like Lena wrote you can't translate every word for word ;)

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