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Why you people celebrate christmas? Don´t you also think its useless?

Why you people celebrate christmas? Look isn´t it just a festival where capitalists fulfill their egoistic needs with presents, too much to eat and too much to drink? People who are going to church during these days although the rest of the year they never go to. Christmas is also only commercial and not traditional anymore. Look on the christmas markets. Every year the same shops with useless crap to buy for example little christmas figures, autoscooter, food to eat although everyone should know that the food is not real food for example the cheese on your Pizza is no real cheese.

And then you people all say during those 3 days you love each other and the world would be so beautiful. LOL! After those 3 days again you argue with your familys again although you were together under the christmas tree a few days ago, going to war again to kill some "bastards" although you said a few days before that we need peace.

And then on the christmas market everywhere those ugly couples. Don´t forget that there are enough people out there which are alone and will never achieve happyness because you mobbed them and made them antisocial without knowing them.

By the way who invented the stupid idea to force the people buying presents because you need to give presents on the 24th december? The capitalistic industry invented it. And you all do it because you think that other people are just think you are good just because you give them presents. Just a few minutes before you said you love each other without any need of presents but you all want to have as much presents as you can get during those days.

I´m a communist and for me christmas sucks!

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    Wow, that's some point of view you have ! I respect it, but the tradition to offer presents is waaaaay older than capitalism.

    Even before JC, each household offered sacrifices to the gods for the winter solstice, so that they would protect the house from evil spirits and watch over the fields' fertility.

    Under the reign of Caesar, officials would get gifts from the people at the beginning of each year, and even slaves got gifts from their master.

    As for Christmas itself, it seems the tradition to exchange gifts started around the XVIIth century (see ? before capitalism existed), which was certainly referring to the present the Magi gave to Jesus.

    And if it is definitely true that it has became an opportunity for capitalism, it still holds a religious meaning for many people, and there are still a lot of persons who go to the mass often, and for whom christmas really is special.

    And although I'm kind of a pessimistic person about the human nature myself, I think you're being too harsh, they are still good people out there who earnestly want to give happiness to the people close to them by giving them gifts. Of course it doesn't actually PROVE that you like them, but it's a way to show it.

    As for wars, it is indeed true that people can hug themselved one day and talk about love, and go to war the next. But if you see it in another perspective, it also means that poeple are willing to give up all hostility during this day. Many wars throughout history have been stopped for one day thanks to Christmas. You can see it as goodwill rather than the opposite. But that's a point of view, and I respect that.

    As for me, I have no interest in the religous meaning of Christmas, but Christmas is a magical day for children, and for me it still is, and will always be. It's a day I get to see my whole family, receive nice presents and see the happy faces of people to whom I give presents. Also, the cities' illuminations at Christmas are truly beautiful. For me Christmas is like that : magic that make me dream each year.

    Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, but I think people who do that are not only for giving/receiving gifts, it's all about getting together with families/friends```the beloved ones. Don't be such a cynic, just simply try to enjoy it. Wish you merry chritmas and a happy new year. :)

    HI! 兄弟~因为生命在于折腾。

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