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What are the differences between wakata wakatteru wakarimashita

sorry if i spelled them wrong.

i'm guessing they're different verb tenses? though i'm not sure. can someone explain to me?

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    Fast I'm japanese. but my English is poor.

    ”wakatta" means "follow you","just now I understand","OK" case by case.

    "wakatteru" means "I have already understood(known)", "Of course".

    "wakarimashita" is civil."wakarimashita" means "wakatta"

    If you meet a older than you ,you say "wakarimashita", not "wakatta".

    wakata past positive plain tense did understand
    wakarimashita past positive polite tense
    now i try to guess.
    since eru is potential form, wakata+eru=wakatteru could understand

    it should be wakatta
    wakarimashita is exactly as was said above
    wakatteru - iru after a verb in the te form is often colloquially shortened to just "ru", so this is actually "wakatte iru" which is present progressive. It literally means "I am understanding". You could use this to say that you already understand something somebody is telling you, among other things.

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