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Italian music


Please introduce me some Italian songs that are not ballads. Thanks!

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    just some titles from my favourite ones:

    Love songs:
    "Eppure, sentire (un senso di te)" (Elisa)
    "Occhi" (Zucchero)
    "Non me lo so spiegare" (Tiziano Ferro/Laura Pasini)

    Rock & Pop
    "Siamo solo noi" (Vasco Rossi)
    "Meraviglioso" (Domenico Modugno - versioned by Negroamaro)
    "Meravigliosa cratura" (Gianna Nannini - acustic version)

    "Il mio canto libero" (Lucio Battisti)
    "L'anno che verrà" (Lucio Dalla)
    "Quanno chiove" (Pino Daniele)

    Check here Italian songs of 2010:
    This one of Paolo Amati and many other songs on the right column of the page!
    Enjoy :)

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