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Long words analysis puzzle

I'm trying to analyse some long words in Persian, such as: 1) 'mibin-am-et' as 'will see-I-you' (See you later); 2) 'âshegh-et-am' as 'love-you-I' (I love you). Please correct me if this is wrong. I'm confused about the suffixes '-am' and '-et' swapping around: in one word '-am' comes first, in the other '-et' takes its place. What is the problem here?

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    'âshegh-et-am' = I am in love with - you I love you

    Man ashegh e to hastam= ashedgetam

    ashegamam = люблю себя
    asheghet am= люблю тйbia
    ashedgesham= люблю его, ему, него, нему, нем

    ashegh= lover

    if you can write and read Persian letter I will send you better answer. reply me please

    asheghet am = ahegh- et -am = love- you - I am
    mibinamet= mibinam - et= I am looking- you but no in end of speaking.
    mibinamet in end of conversation means: до скорой встречи
    ميبينم تو را = ميبينمت
    عاشقتم= عاسق تو هستم= عاشق تو من هستم

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