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What's your favorite music genre and why?

I don't think the genre is important.
to me, the lyrics of the song are the most important thing.

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    Hard to pick a favourite, last thing u wana do is to strictly listen to only one genre of music, it will bore u to death.

    I like the blues and rock music.

    metal,rock , song hip hop.thats all i like.


    I like the classic songs, because I am a very nostalgic person.

    heavy metal. so i can go deaf :P

    I like a lot of genres, but I really like Disco House, Trance, and Electronic at the moment. It makes me want to dance. :)

    I listen to whatever sounds good (indie rock stands out though). I really miss the 90s (back then you could just turn on the radio and hear a lot of really decent music).


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