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How is the German accent in English?

How is the German accent in English?

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    "How is ze Tschörmen Akzent in Englisch?"

    This would sound a little strange, wouldn't it?

    There are quite a few accents used by native speakers themselves. I remember my first 'contact' asking directions when arriving at London. Didn't catch a word.

    It is quite noticeable, I can spot a German/ English speaker a mile away by their accent.

    Here you can hear examples of English native speakers speaking German: (Leonardo di Capri speaks German ) ( an American girl trying to speak German)

    I just notice that there are some differences, but I cannot point them out exactly.

    BUT, the american accent in German is quite familiar to me, just like the "r" sound.

    well... I've met two German guys here in Aarhus, one from Hamburg and the other from Berlin, with just a slight german accent.... too bad, they have been living in North Caroline the former and in New Zealand the latter, for at least 6 months

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