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Do you do anything special for Christmas?


Do you celebrate Christmas any differently than USA (any other country)?

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    Hundreds of thousands of Chinese are in the shopping mall now, waiting for the big discount during the midnight. Haha. It's usually not for families to get together to celebrate, but for lovers or friends in China. It's really different from western countries i think.



    lol, Since thousands of people are out, shopping,I will stay at home. Then choose one day next week off work, go shopping, :D

    As I stay in France now, I have had a traditional Christmas Eve tonight. Tomorrow, we will have a party which is specially organized between two families because their children are going to marry soon. But I would prefer my Christmas in China when I helped in the church during Christmas Eve and Christmas. I would like others to heard the good news from Jusus Christ.

    Just as usually.

    Nothing special.
    That day is so usual.
    Studied all day.........

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