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I have learnt German for almost 2 months ,

I have learnt German for almost 2 months , but l have got nothing except some simple words and expressions, How can it be so difficult?

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    Hi I suggest that you look at the Italki site for learning German

    I don't think German is a difficult language to learn. Compared to Finnish or Spanish, for instance, German is quite easy especially for English speakers. Do you have a good textbook for studying German? There are many good German study packages. They will give you a systematic buildup of German basics.

    a.) German IS difficult.
    b.) You can't express success in learning in months.
    What does "Learning since 2 months" mean? One hour every day, every week ....?
    Maybe your expectations at yourself are too high. My point of view is, that if you learn in a stubborn manner, you won't have much success. Take it easy ..... ;)
    I'm happy with small improvements ....

    Sure, German isn't quite the easiest language to learn but I think for a native English speaker it's way easier than learning Spanish or even Chinese.
    The most important thing when learning a language is to actually talk in that language. You can't expect great success if you only do theoretic stuff. Go to the chat down here, for example, or buy a German novel like 'Vollidiot' by Tommy Jaud (and not one of those old ones by Goethe, Brecht, Kafka etc.). Besides school, I began learning English by playing Pokémon (the good ole days :D) with language set to English instead of German. It really helped me a lot.

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