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what's the differents between "Achar" & "Pensar" ?

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I noted most of time people use "Achar", what about "Pensar"? under what context i should opt for "Pensar"? If possible,could you give some example? Many thanks!

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obrigado todos! I think i get the general idea of two words,thanks again!

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    Just a quick hint for the case when you are expressing an opinion or point of view...

    I have noticed that I usually use the verb "achar" when I wanna say "I think".
    Ex: Eu acho que é melhor você ir (I think you'd better go).

    I don't know about Portugal, but in Brazil you would rarely hear someone saying "Eu PENSO que está certo" (I think it's right). Instead you would normally hear "Eu ACHO que está certo".

    I usually use the verb "pensar" when I wanna say "I thought".
    Ex: Eu pensei que você viria com a gente (I thought you'd come with us).

    Another thing...
    In English you could say:
    1) I think THAT she is still going to cause trouble
    2) I think she is still going to cause trouble

    In Portuguese only the first form is acceptable. So...
    I think THAT she is still going to cause trouble
    Eu acho QUE ela ainda vai causar problemas

    pensar is when u are thinking of something,that you are using your intelligence to have an opinion about something or about a person.
    -eu penso que tens razão(i think that u are right)-->after you hear the person´s opinion,you pondered about it and answered that he/she is right
    -estou pensando em uma solução(im thinking about a solution)

    achar is when you say something that you are not totally sure of.
    -eu acho matematica dificil(i think math is difficult)-->it´s my opinion about math,that i didnt had to use my intelligence to answer it,it´s my point of view.
    -eu acho que ela chegará meio dia (i think she´ll arrive at mid day)->you are not totally sure if she will arrive or not

    i hope that helps,cheers!

    Examples of phrases that won't and shouldn't be used with the verb penso:

    Acho que você está errada!
    Acho que a gente devia ir na pizzaria em vez de fazer um churrasco.
    Acho que seria melhor se você colocasse isso desse lado!
    Acho = I think it would be better or worse if you do something differently!

    Eu penso em você todo o tempo. "acho" here won't do in any situation.
    I think on you all the time! Eu penso tanto em você que estou ficando paranóico.

    "Eu penso que seria melhor" this sounds like, 'camon man! of course you pensa!! after all, you are a human being 'n, afaIk, human beings are thoughful beings!! So, this is why you may choose "eu acho" rather than "eu penso" in many situations...

    And in many ways you are able to replace eu pensei by eu achei... and, to make things a lil bit worse, eu achei can have a total different meaning, like - I found the missing dog! ... and now I am realising how trick this is!!! xD

    I wrote so much and suddenly I found a formula xD.. if you can replace I think for I found, just use eu acho. If not, use eu penso xD

    And don't forget that sometimes "Eu pensei" will be preferable than "eu achei", specially when you're talking about impacting things, you'd rather use pensar than achar.


    Eu pensei que você me amasse!!! I thought you loved me!
    Eu pensei que estava fazendo tudo certo, mas olha só onde fui parar ...
    I thought I was doing everthing right, but look where I am now ...
    Eu pensei que conseguiria, mas me dei mal...
    I thought I could do it, but I screwed up !

    Note that here "eu pensei" is used for situations that have had a different ending from your expectation. And note that you could have used "eu achei" as well but "eu pensei" just sounds more hard-core.

    Eu pensei / Eu achei que ia chover, daí eu nem saí! Well, both are perfectly ok xD
    I thought it would rain, so I didnt go out. Very trick !!

    In a very simple way, "achar" e "pensar" mean the same! However, "achar" has a second meaning!

    Pensar and achar both mean "to think"!
    Eu penso que tens razão.
    Eu acho que tens razão (I think you're right/ I think you have reason)

    The second meaning of achar is "to find"!
    Já achei o casaco! (I have finally found my jacket!)

    You can discover another thing very interesting! Is that you can translate "to find" to "achar"...
    I found it really interesting! --> Eu achei-o muito interessante! (but it's opinion, not something you find somewhere!)
    I hope you understood my speech! If you have doubts come to see me, I will give you more examples if you want :D

    "Achar" means you are not sure about what he says and "Pensar" refers to his opinion.

    It's simple as the difference between think and guess... but sometimes can be used in the same way... well, I think so or I guess so! Well... Your thought is about what you think, and your guesses is about what you guess... Sounds stupid simple, but its a little bit confused... Other way... let me see... you can use guess in portuguese with the same mean as think: What do you think about my idea!? O que você acha sobre minha idéia!? You can answer something like: I think you are absolutly wrong and I've been paying a lot of attention! Eu acho que você está totalmente errado e eu estou prentando bastante atenção! If you draw it for me I can learn better, I guess! Se você desenhar isso pra mim eu posso aprender melhor, eu acho... This last one, the word guess means acho!

    That's it, that's all for now!

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