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Someone to practice English/Spanish for skype

Hello everyone my name is Alex i am 23 years old and I from Barcelona (Spain)

I am planning to go in the summer of 2011 at UK for a season of time, but my English is not very good, and it's hard to understand and speak it: (, so I would like to find is someone to talk on skype that:

- Preferably either the UK or USA or speak English well
- Be patient xD
- Want to learn or practice the Catalan or Spanish,
- Does not matter the age or sex .. just want to learn.

Send me a message and give you my skype address.


For learning: English
Base language: English
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    I can try and help you out.


    I can do that, I can also type phonetically and speak in a British accent, not the offensive stereotypical one but the interesting east London one.
    Just send me yours and I'll create a skype account.
    I'm extremely patient and have a flexibly schedule.

    If you find a good teacher , can you tell me ? I also looking for someone can help me to learn english . I have learn english more than ten years in my school , but I haven' t find a good way to learn it . My english is so poor . Thank you !

    Hi Alex,

    I'm not native English, but I speak it very well and I also would love to practise Spanish with someone... so yes, I would like to talk to you on Skype!

    We're already friends on italki, so you can send me a private message with your Skype adress if you want to.


    skype??? ping8857333

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