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What is the difference between "owing to" and "due to"

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Owing to external influences, comapny A is now faced with urgent need.

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    They have the same meaning, and can both be used. "Due to / owing to" is used with nouns, and "because of" is used with verbs. For example:

    He got sick because of eating bad shellfish.
    His illness was due to / owing to eating bad shellfish.

    owing to? can you provide a sentence?

    They are both prepositions, "owing to" is just a different way of saying "due to"
    I'd use "due to" or "because of" they are more commonly used, have better flow and can be used more often. Just remember not to use because (on it's own) as a sentence starter.

    While I'm on the subject:
    Both owing and Due can mean the same thing in a sentence they are highly context sensitive though.
    Ex: You can owe someone but you can't due someone.

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