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is it hard for you to understand "khaleeji" ?

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    No , because Khaleeji dalect is close to Fusha ( more than other dialects ) , in pronunciation and words /

    what is khaleeji?

    No, because I have friends from Alkaleej :)

    For the native speakers of Arabic, it's not very hard because most of the "Khaleejia" 's vocabulary is common with the other dialects of Arabic. But there are some new words which the other dialects may not understand because it's not used in their daily language....And for the learners, it's definitely hard because of some new words and idioms...

    In general...It's not hard to understand this dialect...

    As a native speaker of a Levantine dialect, I can understand around 90% of Gulf Arabic. But that's only because I don't listen to it much, and I don't like watching Khaleeji dramas and what not. So because of this lack of exposure, sometimes I do not understand some idioms and words that are only used in the Khaleej area.


    for me,yes it's hard.
    because I don't hear it too much.

    I speak Arabic fluently although I'm Korean but Alkhaleeji is not very hard if you know Arabic, Khaleeji is an accent so you only have to get used to it. BTW khaleeji is not just one accent there are 6 khaleeji accents (Kuwaiti, Saudi, Emarati(UAE), Omani, Qatari, Bahraini) ^^ so if you live in any of the gulf countries or have some friends from there then it's not hard believe me ^^ good luck

    "khaleeji" is informal accents .. try to learn the formal Arabic first every one will understand that ..later on you can learn the different meeting people or through the TV Arabic channels

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