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Does anyone have a simple explanation as to the difference between 了 and 过. When should I use each of

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    the two both can express to have done something with different emphases.

    了 emphasizes recently, just now, already, etc. e.g we often ask each other 吃(饭)了吗? which means have you eaten food(had breakfast, lunch, supper etc).

    过 emphasizes experience, once at least, ever before, etc e.g (以前)吃过吗?means have you eaten it ever before.

    hope that help.
    了,it shows the various tone by the end of the sentence .
    过,it means a action.

    了:it was used after the verd and Adjective ,Expression the movement or change
    is completion
    过:have two mean. frist,from one place or time transfer the other place or other time。second,be used after the verd, mean the movement it Completion

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