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How to pronounce “r ” and “rr” in a correct way?

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I begin to learn Spanish,and be infatuated with such beautiful language.But the problem of pronounciation really bug me.I can't pronounce the letter of “r",let alone "rr",which make me felt depressed .Can you tell me how to pronounce them in a correct way? I sincerely appreciate any answers posted here.thx!
I know that practise make perfect,but I have no idea how to practise,pls help me.
Can anybody tell me how to pronounce “r ” and “rr” in a correct way?

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    In this blog there is some exercises to practice the pronunciation of the "r" "rr".

    You should "vibrate" your tongue for the "rr".

    Two examples:

    I hope this explanation could be useful for you.


    I was given this site by a Spanish teacher. I have found it very useful.

    My Skype nickname is peponrubio... Add me and I could help u to learn spanish!!

    Hi.. I'm mexican and i speak's easier for me and i want help you !

    i have the same problem with the english.. in sometines my pronunciation is bad for me!
    the sound of "r" or "rr" is some that you couldn't learn for this medium.. you need hear somebody to speak this languaje ...
    i would like help you ..but for this is necesary listen!

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