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Are there more words whose plural form is optional?

Like "tuxedo": pl. tux·e·dos or tux·e·does.

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    wolf -> wolves
    life -> lives
    milieu -> mileus/milieux
    basis -> bases
    iris -> irises /irides
    matrix -> matrixes/matrices
    phalanx -> phalanxes /phalanges
    potato -> potatoes
    photo -> photos
    graffito -> graffiti
    tempo -> tempos/tempi
    aphelion -> aphelia
    ganglion -> ganglions/ganglia
    foot -> feet
    tooth -> teeth
    hoof -> hoofs/hooves
    series -> series
    atlas -> atlases
    wish -> wishes
    bacterium -> bacteria
    medium -> mediums/media
    genus -> genera
    stimulus -> stimuli
    opus -> opuses/opera
    radius -> radiuses/radii
    corpus -> corpuses/corporastatus ->
    box -> boxes
    ferry -> ferries
    protozoon -> protozoa
    cherub -> cherubs/cherubim

    This site gives you the rules for making nouns plural

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