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About Psychoanalysis

Is there someone on italki who can suggest me books related with psychoanalysis?

I have never read anything about it. I would like to start with basic or classic authors.

Thanks in advance.

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* Introduction to Psychoanalysis is just a subject at the Social Psychology career.

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    hi. El tema es bastante complicado en el sentido de que hay muchos caminos a seguir una vez dentro del psicoanalisis. Freud, esta superado, pero eso no quiere decir que no sea importante, al contrario!. Yo, de ti, si lo ves conveniente, buscaria algun libro que te introdujera a los conceptos basicos (Freud, vale pero tendrias que leer un monton de libros de él). A partir de aqui, mira en que temas/conceptos te interesa profundizar y para qué, y busca sobre la materia. La bibliografia es amplisima!!! (y la tematica, tambien). Si mas adelante te haces una idea de hacia donde quieres ir, quizas pueda ayudarte. He tenido bastante contacto con tematicas relacionadas directa o indirectamente con el psicoanalisis. Pero no soy un especialista, te aviso. Alianza Editorial creo que tenia un titulo llamado "introduccion al psicoanalisis" del propio Freud. La edicion es un poco vieja, pero estan reeditando las obrase clasicas de Freud aqui. No se como lo hacen en Argentina, pero no seria nada raro que tambien alli distribuyera el fondo. Sino, Paidos, otra editorial con una sede principal en Argentina, tambien tiene una linea de libros sobre psicoanalisis (sobre muy diferentes temas). Es imprescindible que tengas claro que (sub)tematica te interesa, sino el embrollo/lio esta mas que asegurado!

    Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) is considered the father of psychoanalysis. Like all pioneers he didn't have all the answers but he did give us a unified theory of how an infant develops and develops relations with those around it. Freud also outlined how the failure to negotiate different stages of development leads to problems in adult life. The point at which development was arrested dictates the problems which occur. Freud's theories gave later psychoanalysts, (Jung, Klein, Winnacott to name a few), a place to start, something to work with and against as they formed their own theories. To the modern eye the texts at times show their age, patriarchal at least, but the most important point is the debate he started and which continues today with the greater understanding of how the brain functions which the ability to scan working brains has given us.

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    Here is the site for a free download of books on psychoanalysis .

    I loved this one : The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. ^^

    Hope it helps !!!

    lol freud would say your desire for psychoanalysis would suggest some daddy issues :P


    A short essay related to Psychoanalysis, as it deals on how
    the subconscious drives human's choices, has been written by
    A. Schopenhauer, before Freud's great essays.
    It is in an appendix of "The World As Will and Representation",
    named: The Metaphysics of sexual love. Only 30 pages, but very deep in content.
    Another book inherent the subject, that I enjoyed is: "Necessary Losses", author: Judith Viorst. (1986);
    Something interesting, related to psychotherapy, with a different approach than classical psychoanalysis: Aaron T. Beck: Cognitive therapy and the emotional disorders.

    I would suggest you read some books of Erich Fromm, who was Freud's pupil but was also attempting to "reform" the system of psychoanalysis a bit. His theory has much more social aspects than the Freud's theory. And the books are sometimes really beautiful, like for example "The art of loving".

    do u want a career as a social psychologist?

    as my knowledge, Every ındıvıdual have two conscıous,one of them ıs up- conscıous,one of them ıs down- conscıous, these are always ın debate eachother. ın our socıal lıfe we lıve wıth up-cons. we behave as ıt ın community. as we get older,up-cons developes wıth us. socıal rules and our educatıon determine up-cons. but our down-cons dont abide by the rules, and ıt contaıns our real desıres, but ıt doesnt thınk thıs kınd of desıre whether suıtable or not ın socıal lıfe, adults generally prevent down-cons so that ıt doesnt make themself ın bad condıtıon ın daıly lıfe.but especıaly chıldren cant prevent themself as adults, because they have down-cons too weak.therefore they say and do every actıvıtıes not to thınk ıts behavıor ıs true or false. as freud every dısorder of treatment based on our chıldood.ıf a pscıatr want to fınd and solve thıs kınd of dısorder, the solutıon ıs hıdden ın ındıvıdual's chıldhoods.

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