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I want to study about kanji, but how?

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    study it repeatedly untill you remember it

    heisig remembering kanji vol 1 and 2. available as torrent on -
    online kanji dictionary

    Your question is too general. It all depends on what you want to achieve, for example: are you preparing for JLPT or just studying for yourself? Do you need to write kanji or read only?

    In my opinion putting too much stress on learning kanji at this stage (beginner I suppose) won't do you much good. Learn those you can instantly put into practice, otherwise you will forget them sooner then you think.

    Start from kanji that you feel joy.
    ex) your handle name "Ioi-akaibara"
    I can't understand "Ioi",but "akaibara" mean maybe"red rose",right?
    red 赤 rose 薔薇
    Even Japan,many people cannot write 薔薇.
    So,if you can write it,you will surprise.
    Most symple kanji is "one"
    one 一  two二  three 三・・・・
    You can write three kanji!!

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