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Could someone please translate this word by word??

from faramaz aslani's 'aghe ye rooz'.

First Line:
age ye roz beri safar, beri ze pisham bikhabar

Translation (please make objections or observations in this part):

age ye rooz - if someday (or one day, literally)
beri - you go
safar - away
beri - you go
ze - to
pisham khabar - ignore me ( ???) (I know that the end 'am' is 'me', is pisham khabar a compost verb?? like 'harf bezanam' ??)

so the translations goes like:

If someday you go away, and forget (ignore?) me.

Second Line:
asire royaahaa misham, dobaare baaz tanhaa misham

asire - ??
royaahaa - dreams (royaa means dream and the plural is roiaahaa)
misham - ?? (something with me or which I do)
dobaare - ??
baaz - open (??) ( does 'dobaare baaz' mean 'again'???
tannhaa - alone, single
misham - (???)

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    If someday you go to a journey( going away is better I suppose!this is just literal meaning),(and)leave me without letting me know,
    I will be(become) the slave of the dreams, and again I will be alone!

    beri=you go
    safar=(to) journey

    beri=you go
    ze=from (an older form for az)
    pisham=near me! (to pisham hasti= you are near me!)at this moment I don't have any better idea for how it should be translated!
    bikhabar= uninformed

    asir=captive, slave
    roya(ha)= dream(s)
    misham=I'll become
    baz=again-----> it's redundant but here it's required (if it's a song or something!)
    misham=I'll become

    let me know if there are any further questions.

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