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the next verses of Aslani's song:

be shab migam pisham bemoone, be baad migam taa sobh bekhoone

be =
shab = night
migam =
pisham = near me, with me
bemoone =
baad =
migam =
taa = until
sobh = morning
bekhoone =

bekhone aaz diaar yaari, cheraa miri tanhaa mizaari?

bekhoone =
aaz = from
diaar =
yaari =
cheraa = (it is a kind of interjection, like 'doch' in german)
miri =
tanhaa = alone, single
mizaari =

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    I'll ask the night to stay with me, and will ask the wind to sing for me till the morning (comes)!
    (I'll ask the wind to) sing of my beloved's land, why are you going and leaving me alone?

    be= to
    shab= night
    migam= I say (in conjugation: present tense but here: future tense--->I'll say) "to say" is the literal meaning. "to ask" is the exact meaning here!
    pisham= near me, with me
    bemune= to stay( again according to the context)
    baad= wind
    ta= till
    sobh= morning
    bekhune= to sing ( "khaandan" could also mean "to study", "to read"--- here "to sing")

    bekhune= to sing
    az= from ( of )
    diaar= land
    yaar= friend ( could also refer to the beloved--- used to be used in classic Persian poems)
    cheraa?= why? (a question word)
    miri= you go
    tanha(m)= alone
    tanham mizari= you leave me alone!------------> tanhaa gozaashtan= to leave sb alone

    >>>diyaarE yaar= the land OF the beloved<<<

    hope it helps^_^

    I Try anwser you.

    be (to) shab(night) migam(i say) pisham() bemone( it saty) pisham bemone( to stay with me) be(to) baad(wind) bekhone( it sings) ."I say to night :stay with me and i say to wind: sing for me until morning)

    bekhoone( it sing) aaz(about) diaar(city) yari(friend ) diaare yari( place or city that my freind live on it) sing about place that my love (my friend) live in it

    chera(why) miri(you go) tanha mizari(leave me alone) why you go and leave me alone?

    It is my frist time that i trasnlate e poem to english. May be there are some problem about my translating.and some times when a word used in a poem or sentences have adiffrent mean from use it lonley .

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