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Some people learn Russian?

Why is my tongue hard pronunciation

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    I'm sure some people do :)) Don't get frustrated! This language is very different from yours! You need patience and a lot of practice. There are many people here on Italki who will be glad to help you with any questions you have and maybe also to help you practice talking.

    You may also like this video The speaker pronounces many basic Russian words and phrases first slowly and clearly then in a more natural way.

    Hi, I suggest that you learn Russian by listening to it being spoken. This site is helpful and it's free.

    汉语发音和俄语发音差得很远。你就要好好练习。 我觉得俄语是个很难的语言,对中国人学它一定不太容易,所以可能你需要一个很好的老师。

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