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What is the most difficult thing to study English?

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    i think there is not the most difficult thing, each of them is difficult as for me

    spelling and grammar,like how to conjugate verbs properly.and some of idioms make me confused.


    Words related to subjects that you are not interested in;
    only you can do that list!

    phrasal verbs!

    2)Phrasal verbs

    well, grammer is not that hard , the most hard stuff to me is the slang, if you do not know the whole story about that, than it is really hard to guess what that means . And there is something connect to history. these kinds of things are hard to me because i coudl not check that on internet , there is no dict. shows you what that means at all.

    You can have learned well the grammar, spelling, verbs, idioms, but the great litmus test you have it when you talk to a native speaker or who speaks English perfectly. If the conversation is fluid you will have passed the test.

    As a Chinese girl you might find the sentence structure a bit difficult,because it is reversely built in comparison with the Chinese sentence.
    Many Chinese therefore end up forming incomprehensible or wrong sentences, because of the wrong ordering of words, but with practice you can overcome this obstacle.
    The grammar is relatively a little more complicated with its different tenses,that you don't obviously have in your language.

    To be able to pronounce correctly might take some time as well.

    My Chinese students tell me that the most difficult things for them to learn are using tenses, plurals and speaking English.


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