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Do you think it is reliable to learn one foreign language all by yourself and master it well in one year?

For learning: German
Base language: English
Category: Language



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    If you are learning on a regular (at best daily) base, it sure is possible. The keyword is discipline. Learning by yourself will show better results in a short time than learning in a course or at school.
    Plus, if you spend some time searching the internet for various language learning focused sites, you'll find more useful stuff, than you can actually use. (and there is a great variety of recourses for free too :)

    I like to recommend, even if the material seems to be outdated at first glance. But don't depend on only one source, it's always better to be able to compare.

    I think it's possible. =)


    I think it depends on the difficulty of a language... But I read somewhere, that u need mainly 2,000 vocabs and the grammar to be able to hold some conversation

    Hello Stone,

    How many words do you want to learn when you want to „master it well“? Let’s say you mean 100,000 words. How many hours in one year? Let’s say 1,750 hours. This means you have only about one minute of learning time per word on average. That’s not much.

    In addition, there’s some grammar to master.

    If you are such a language learning genius like Daniel Tammet, you will need much less than one year. He learned conversational Icelandic and conversational German within one week.



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