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next 'age ye rooz' verses

age faraamosham koni, tark aagosham koni

age - if
faraamosham -
koni -
tark-e - (i am not sure if it is an ezafe)
aagosham -
koni -

parandeye daryaa misham, to chang moj rahaa misham

parande-ye - bird of (with an ezafe)
daryaa - sea
misham - I'll become
to - you
chang -
moj -
rahaa -
misham - I'll become

the first part is like "i will become a seabird (a bird of sea)

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    If you forget me and leave my arms,
    I'll be(come) a sea bird and release myself in the paw of the wave! (literal meaning)

    age= if
    faramushAM koni= (you) forget ME ---------> faramush kardan= to forget
    tark= quit
    aghush= embrace, arms

    tarke-e-aghush-----> to leave the arms

    parande= bird
    daryaa= sea
    (parande-ye- daryaa= sea bird)
    misham= I'll become
    tu= in
    chang= paw
    mowj= wave
    (chang-e-mowj= paw of the wave!)
    rahaa misham= I'll be released

    hope that helps:)

    Ayim's translation is complete I think,except that part of "agoosham",it means embrace and the "arms" can be misleading.
    خانم ayim البته با اجازه

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