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'age ye rooz' fourth part

Be del migam khamush bemune, miram ke har kasi bedune

be = to
del = heart
migam = I say (or ask, here in this context)
khamush =
bemune = to stay
miram = i go
ke = that
har =
kasi =
bedune =

Miram be su-ye aan diaary, ke tush mano tanhaa nazaari

miram = i go
be = to
suye =
aan =
diaary = land, place
ke = that
tush =
mano =
tanhaa = alone
nazaari =

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: English
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    I'll ask my heart to stay still (and) will go(leave this world maybe:-??) to let everyone know
    I'll go toward the land in which you won't leave me alone!

    be= to
    del= heart
    migam= I'll say
    khamush= still, quiet, off
    bemune= to stay
    miram= I'll go
    ke= in order to(according to the context)
    har= each
    kas(i)= person
    bedune= to know

    miram= I'll go
    be suye= toward
    aan= that
    diyaar= land
    ke tush= in which
    mano tanhaa nazaari= you won't let me alone

    mano= man raa= me(the object)


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