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Hi! I'm interested in the following expressions. Could u tell if there are literal equivalents in Persian and provide me with the examples? (when I say "equivalent", it means that they should have the same literal meaning, with a body part as a subject of the verb or adjective given - or something very close). Thanks a lot!
NB: I m not learning Persian.

(a) My belly (stomach) is hungry (to mean "I m hungry")
(b) His body is tall (to mean "he is tall")
(c) His age (years) is (are) young (to mean "he is young")
(d) His strength is strong (to mean "he is strong")
(e) My heart (mind, soul...) is happy (to mean "I m happy")
(f) His eyes are blind (to mean "he is blind")

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
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    I hope I got your meaning,so I'll try to answer you.
    I'll check one by one:

    My belly (stomach) is hungry : shekame man gorosne ast
    I m hungry : gorosne-am

    (b) His body is tall : ghadash boland ast (of course "ghadash" means "his length" not "his body")
    he is tall : ou boland ast

    His age (years) is (are) young : senash kam ast (of course "kam" means "low" not "young")
    he is young : ou javan ast

    (d) His strength is strong : ghodratash ziad ast (of course "ziad" means "high" not "strong")
    he is strong : ou ghavi ast

    (e) My heart (mind, soul...) is happy : ghalbe(zehne,roohe ...)man shad ast
    I m happy : man shadam

    His eyes are blind :chashmane ou koor hastand
    he is blind : ou koor ast

    We use both types in our everyday usage.And no,there's not any restriction.For that kind of things which you said(poetry,expressing a kind of high degree).We use different words for these purposes.

    (a) My belly (stomach) is hungry شکم من گرسنه است - (to mean "I m hungry") من گرسنه هستم or گرسنمه
    (b) His body is tall بدنش بلند است - (to mean "he is tall") او بلند است
    (c) His age (years) is (are) young سن او کم است or سن او جوان است - (to mean "he is young") او جوان است or جوانه
    (d) His strength is strong قدرت او قوی است - (to mean "he is strong") او قوی است
    (e) My heart (mind, soul...) is happy قلب من شاد است - (to mean "I m happy") من شاد هستم
    (f) His eyes are blind چشمان او کور(نابینا) است - (to mean "he is blind") او کور (نابینا) است

    in all of the part two of my translate the من or او words can be delete. for example in on sentence :
    (to mean "I m hungry") من گرسنه هستم -----> گرسنه هستم
    common mode formal mode

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