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what will be the best word in korean saying " i want to share the rest of my life with you?"

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    ang sweet nmn. cnu kasama mo? ang korean sia? LOL
    너와 남은 여생을 함께하고 싶어
    ner wa nam en yue saeng el hamgehago sip er.

    good luck

    The simple expression is "나는 너와 인생을 같이 살고 싶어."

    I'd say that "너와 함께 남은 여생을 함께하고 싶어".

    1) I want to ~ : ~하고 싶다.
    2) the rest of my life : (나의) 남은 여생
    3) with you : 너와 함께
    4) I want to share something : ~함께 하다 or ~함께 공유하다.

    To sum up again, "(나는) 너와 함께 (나의) 남은여생을 함께 하고 싶어".


    This expressin is usually used for proposal for marriage.
    It can be translated into Korean like this "당신과 함께 살고 싶어 (나와 결혼해줘)".

    I hear 여생 said by someone middle-aged or when talking about a middle-aged person.

    I suggest you say 너랑 평생 함께 하고 싶어.

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