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Where can I find an Arabic version of Quran?

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    Listen to the Quran

    you need written or oral arabic quran?

    You can read Quran from here and also download it to your PC

    here is the download link

    to download Quran with many word languages check out this
    for recitation try this
    BTW it`s very good way to learn Arabic
    so you download Quran in Original language and translation of meaning of it
    and then you listen to recitation of it بالغة العربية
    ابعث لك هدا الاخير ولكن بالغة الفرنسية


    In this website you can find Quran with many translates:
    in this website you can download it with many translates to you PC:

    Good Luck

    Try this page, maybe they will send to you a copy of Quran to your home, and other books if want


    You can listen to several voices of the Quran here
    And you can also download
    the page also on english

    it's about ur Iphone

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