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What's the meaning of the name Ding Lipo? 什么名称的丁丽?

Tell about this name?

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    Dīng lìbō,丁力波,I knew this name from a textbook, <New practical Chinese reader>. In this book he is a Canadian student, studing Chinese in China. Dīng lìbō is his Chinese name.
    Dīng 丁,his family name.
    lì 力,means power or strength.
    bō 波,means the wave or the surge.

    丁力泊(音译) Ding is the Family name and Lipo is the given name. "Lipo" includes 2 characters, Li equals to 力 and po is 泊.

    Ding li po sounds like a name of created role(person) in new practice chinese reader.

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