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What sources & materials do you use when learning Chinese?

sources & materials: books, tapes, texts, websites, etc.

What materials have helped you most ?
What methodology has helped you most ?

Additional Details:

This is supposed to be a general post for people to list what methods and materials work best for them. i suppose i didn't make that so clear when i posed the question.

for example, i use a combination of books, websites, dictionaries, and ipad applications.

Reading Comprehension, Grammar, & listening (audio tapes)
Assimil: Chinese with Ease

Assimil Chinese with Ease audio tapes

Character Recognition:
Flashonary (free ipad flashcard / dictionary app) - study new vocabulary words
Flashcard Deluxe (paid for ipad flashcard app) - study new vocabulary phrases

Pleco (ipad chinese dictionary app *with GREAT character writing recognition)

Additional Details:

Websites: (great dictionary, character to pinyin (with tones), & translation tool for phrases) (dictionary, character recognition) (posing questions about chinese and grammar understanding)

For learning: Chinese (Mandarin)
Base language: English
Category: Language


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    To learn 漢字 I use:
    - Remember Traditional Hanzi Book 1 by James W. Heisig (you can also find a simplified version).
    - Chinese Characters - A Genealogy and Dictionary (web version at
    - ANKI flashcards to do repetitions on the characters I'm learning.

    To learn chinese in general:
    - I put sentences I like in my ANKI, complete with the audio (if available) and do repetitions in the following way: I read aloud the chinese sentence, listen to the audio, repeat it and then write down the whole sentence.

    To reinforce my listening skills:
    - I watch A LOT of movies/dramas/shows in chinese, you can easily get access to a whole universe of fresh material by downloading and installing PPS, a software that allows for online streaming.
    - I listen to songs I like and learn them by heart.

    To reinforce my reading skills:
    - I read a lot of mangas translated in chinese and generally books which I already know in english that have been translated (you can check ouy for this kind of stuff).

    Hope it's been helpful to you and everybody else :)

    chinese book


    I use Chinese peotry,it will be easy to find out new words,:D

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